teens in mute, blots in motion


emdy & Auberg1ne on a double CD Album, released by Numb Capsule Records.

Available on

Κόκκινο Σίδερο

Κόκκινο’s Σίδερο self-released album is available (Deluxe Edition CD) & digital via Bandcamp Order ->

‘Fragments’ Compilation

‘Fragments’ compilation by Numb Capsule Records released for Record Store Day 2017, NC008, mastered by emdy including his latest track “per spring bed”.

Protos Orofos 8 (CD compilation)


Released on 1ος Όροφος – 1st FLOOR CD 8th Compilation (1STFLOORCD8) in 2017.



“Beyond The Brewery” is the second complete album by emdy and released on Numb Capsule Records in 2016.
An album that embodies the past and present of electronic music. While it retains key aspects of the early IDM scene, it also introduces experimentation and frequency shifts. Sudden crescendos, pauses, dynamic drum programming , and unexpected atmospheric moments comprise an intriguing musical adventure of unique rhythmicity and subversive patterns. The nine tracks of the album were arranged and produced between 2003-2005.



Released by Wax Records in 2015 (WAX 006). Comes in an old floppy disc sleeve.
All tracks recorded, arranged & produced by emdy.

Fun With Nuns – HEAVY METAL (Tape)


A recording made in the front yard of a village house at the foot of Mt Paiko, on an overcast winter day.
Sounds made by mainly banging and rubbing scrap metal objects on concrete surface.

Mixed, produced & mastered by emdy. Released by Wax Records in 2014 (WAX 005).

1os OROFOS – 1st  FLOOR   (5th Compilation)


Released on 1ος Όροφος – 1ST FLOOR CD 5th Compilation (1STFLOORCD5) in 2013.

Fun with Nuns (LP)


 A collective of performers active in the scene of Thessaloniki, Greece since 2007. Appearing with a different line-up almost everytime they perform (from 2 to 22 people), they join the dots between free-jazz, punk, electronics and noise.

Released by Wax Records in 2012, with many different handmade covers (WaxRecords 002).
Side B recorded live at Knot Gallery, 07/10/2011.
Mixed, produced & mastered by emdy (Side A) & Goolyk (side B).


Synchresis“, a manufactured word consist of an acronym, formed by telescoping together the words of synthesis, crisis and synchronisation. An amalgamation of detailed sound design that ranges across various styles, creates the sense of contrast between the experimentalist scene and music simplicity. Managing to remain musically intense and emotional by the use of classical instruments, percussions, a poem and field recordings among the electronics, stretching creativity and multiplicity in the production and composition development. Released on spring of 2012 by emdy, follows a clear-cut experimental agenda, engaging with contemporary fields of electronic and electro-acoustic music.

emdy & Damcase – LION’s TAIL

Emdy & Damcase ‎– Lions Tail e.p.   Released by Studio M in 2012.

Catshag22 (7″ Split Single, GRACETONE Recordings)

Released by Gracetone Recordings on a split 7″ vinyl (gtrec04,2009) & emdy’s album “Synchresis” in 2012.

Field recordings / arrangement by Dimitiors Mpatsis (aka Dans Mon Salon)
Bass Clarinet by Thanos Sideris
Mandolin by Thaz Astabo

Fun with Nuns – WHAT CAN SPUR US ON


Fun with Nuns-“what can spur us on”, CD album released by Wax Records (WaxRecords 001), in 2010.

mixed, produced & mastered by emdy.

Fun With Nuns – Φαν Ουίθ Νανς (3” CD)

Fun with Nuns-“Φαν Ουίθ Νανς” released by More Mars Team for “Nous Series” as Vol.1
on Limited Edition Mini CDrs, in 2010.

mixed, produced & mastered by emdy.

1os OROFOS – 1st  FLOOR   (CD Compilation)

Released on 1ος Όροφος – 1ST FLOOR CD 1 Compilation (1STFLOORCD1) in 2009.

RESSONUS NET VOL.1 (CD Compilation, RESSONUS Recordings)

Released by Ressonus Records (ress03,2008) & emdy’s album “Synchresis” in 2012.

Based on Sylvia Plath’s poem.
Realisation by Sofia Tsamouti.
Voice by Heidi Stewart.

AMBIENT TO NOISE (Compilation, 33 Recordings)

Released on 33 Recordings for “a2N-Ambient To Noise” Compilation in 2008.

BACKWATER  2nd  Compilation

Released on Backwater’s 2nd Compilation, for Ten to Go Records (TTGBW005) in 2008.

BACKWATER   Compilation

Released on Backwater’s 1st Compilation for Ten to Go Records (TTGBW004) in 2008.

LITMUS RECORDS  (2xCD Compilation)

Realesed on Litmus Recordings for “BRIGHTONT1” Compilation (2xCD-LTMS001)
in 2004.



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